Long Studio @ OAC Factory
232 Third Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Copyright 2017

"That Thing Upstairs" (2003), sound, 1 minute 3o seconds.
This sound piece extracts the "voice effects" performed by Mercedes McCambridge inThe Excorcist. Around the time of Mercedes McCambridge’s death, I learned that late in her acting career she had created the uncredited voice of Regan, the possessed girl in the film. From deep within her body, McCambridge emitted the raw, guttural, inhuman voice that lives, as Regan says, "in here with us."

"You Were Drifting" (2013), two-channel video installation, 25 minutes

The video is composed of clips from twenty films that depict the advent of a mirage. The stacked monitors create a secondary mirage effect; the inverted lower monitor "refracts" the scene in the upper monitor. Presence and absence, desire and impossibility, delirium and failure are played out through the bodies of lost men on the desert.

"My Anger" (2002), 3 minutes, video.
This is a reworking of Keneth Anger’s underground film Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965).

"Making a Crop Circle in the Catskills" (2004) documents the creation of a crop circle in upstate New York. The video combines aerial footage from the crypto-Christian movie Signs (2002); a disco anthem by Sylvester; and a Smithson-inspired, end run around the earthwork.

"Empire Lake" (2003) is a 3-channel video installation made using traditional stop motion techniques. Garden hoses, Jiffy Pop packaging and a pool of white paint were photographed frame-by-frame to create a landscape of perpetual production and depletion. Preoccupied with the aesthetics of progress, Empire Lake draws from Western movies; 19th century landscape painting; and B-movie special effects.

“Houdiniana” (1997), 16mm, film with sound. Queer homage to Harry Houdini.