Long Studio @ OAC Factory
232 Third Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

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Walk-In (Portrait Under Mathew Brady's Skylight #1), Archival Inkjet Print, 20 x 16 inches, 2009

Skylight Views, 2010

"Walk-In #1" and "Walk-In #2" are formal portraits made under Mathew Brady's skylight. These portraits were made using dead houseplants found in the building. "Light Years Ago" records a single pane of Brady's leaded skylight glass. The black and white negative was scanned, enlarged, and (destructively) edited until the tonal gradients of the skylight glass resemble growth rings. Multiple times are registered on the print. "Glass with Flare (Mathew Brady's Skylight)” is a studio photograph of a small piece of skylight glass found on the floor at 359 Broadway. "Untitled #1- #2 (Mathew Brady's Skylight)" are flatbed scans of 4 x 5 inch contact prints of Mathew Brady's skylight. The negative was moved while the scan was in process.