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(Inferior) Mirage #3, Pigment print on Hahnemuhle Paper, 6 x 4 inches, 2014

(Inferior) Mirages

These are photographs of mirages, the geo-physical phenomena caused by the refraction of light. Many of these pictures were taken on El Mirage Dry Lakebed, an ultra-flat, dry basin in San Bernardino County, California. While I was there shooting, a production crew from Los Angeles was filming a chase scene. A sedan speed across the lakebed in pursuit of a white pickup truck with a miniaturized airplane strapped to its back. This vaguely apocalyptic scene was doubled up in a mirage, hinting at its future image-life as projected, multiplied, refracted ‘content’ to be seen later on a screen.

Some notes on mirages:

Mirages are large-scale, open air, imaging events that work without a camera or a computer.

Mirages are media of the earth, the air and the sun.

To see a mirage disappearing is to bounce backwards on the moon.

Mirages are supra-photographic.

A photograph of a mirage has both high and low indexical qualities.

Mirages are stockpiled Bitcoins.

Mirages are Con Air and the most beautiful nowhere.

Mirages are 4D Queens

and the opposite of touch screens.

A photograph of a mirage drains the life right out of it.

Mirages are the terminal lagoon.

Mirages are the dreamers in the drowned world.