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232 Third Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Copyright 2014

Yo Mirage (Arctic), 2013
[Mirage Box: birch plywood, laser cut chipboard, silver metallic paint, 20 x 16 x 16 inches each]

I know why people in movies talk to mirages. In this age of remote social interaction, it seems perfectly right to try to communicate with a distant, ‘unreal' thing like a mirage.

These "mirage boxes" contain short texts directly addressing mirages. The artwork, completely analog, uses a simple dot pattern and natural light to make the cut out "dash font" shimmer as the viewer moves around the piece. The words that appear in the lower of the two stacked boxes are refractions of the words in the upper box.

[Like most documentation of "live" events and objects, the stills don't do it justice. Please see the video documentation for a better representation of the piece. The mirage effect can been seen from a distance too.]

Yo Mirage (Arctic), mirage box, installation view, 2013
Yo Mirage (Arctic), mirage box, dot pattern on back side, 2013